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Aarti Paarti

My Encounter with the Next Food Network Stars

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Next Food Network Stars Doreen Fang, Aarti, DASI got an invite from my friend to attend a congrats party for her close friend – Doreen Fang, one of the 12 finalists for the Next Food Network Star.  I was exhilarated with joy.  My friend thought  I would want to promote our e-commerce site, monogiggle.com by helping with some door prizes.  Yes, that sounded like a great idea — but more than anything, I just wanted to meet them in person.  I have been a fan of the Next Food Network Star show since it started airing on Food Network.  The invite meant a whole lot more than seeing some “A” list movie stars.   I was lucky to meet not only Doreen Fang, but Darrel “DAS” Smith, Aarti Sequeira.

I looove Food Network.  In addition to my cookbook collection, I have a DVR list of shows that I love watching, including the Next Food Network Star.   Often times, I fall asleep watching the shows, like it’s my bedtime story.  Often times, my husband has to carry me to bed since I am deep asleep.  It’s a huge addiction – but I think it comes with benefits.  It’s educational and rewarding if you put your learning’s to use.

So when the day of the party arrived I was super excited.  I usually do not make plans on a Sunday night.  I never leave my kids at nights when they have school the next day.  But for me, this was a special affair.  I made special arrangements with my mom, who lives few minutes away from me.  She said the kids can spend the night at her house and she will drop them off to school so I don’t miss the party.

When my husband and I showed up to the party, I felt like I am a little kid, excited to see Mickey Mouse and her friends for the first time.  Even though I did not hold up a long conversation with them due to the successful outcome, I felt happy that I got to take pictures with them and get their autographs.

I wish them lots of luck and lots of success!  I am sure they have the stars are shining for them.

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  • http://leashieloo.wordpress.com/ Leashieloo

    So jealous! I love Aarti!

  • http://www.mytastyhandbook.com Adelina Badalyan

    She is super sweet and super gorgeous in person. It was great to be in her presence and her beautiful personality. I love her smile too… oh also how she carries herself.

  • http://bakingandcookingataleoftwoloves.blogspot.com Becky

    How cool that you got to meet the Next Food Network Stars, especially Aarti. I hope that she wins!



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