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Persian Saffron Jeweled Rice with Dried Assorted Fruits and Nuts


On my previous post I also said that I will be sharing my Jeweled Rice recipe.  I just love having this rice for the holidays,  so I enjoy making it during this time of year. It’s the perfect side and the perfect way of dressing and making the holidays feel a little more special.  The cost of the rice is not much, but the jewels (dried fruits and nuts) plus saffron can cause a dent in your wallet… considering that I went crazy and bought all sorts of dried fruits and nuts.

I first learned how to make this rice from my mom’s cousin Anahit and I am sure I still need to master it but I am happy that I have carried on the tradition of making this for the holidays.

Since I am not the best rice maker in the world, I will try not to give many tips on rice making. However, I am excited to share that I did learn how to make a crusty bottom on my rice and enhance the flavor more by adding advieh spice mix from fxcuisine.com .  I love the step by step instructions and the ease of guidance on preparing this special dish. 

Also please note if you have any great tips  making rice, I would love to hear from you.  I am pretty weak on rice making and need lots of lessons and advice to master making rice.  I always find myself from burning, to overboiling to just killing the rice out of impatience.  I also think Iranians make the best rice… I guess that is why I did my best to be patient in the entire process of making this dish.

I hope you enjoy the post.


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  • http://twitter.com/MrsMulford Pauline

    Thank you for explaining about different rice customs. I spent years trying to avoid a crusty bottom on rice! I steam my rice in a microwave as this is a fail safe for me but not suitable for all recipes of course.
    Love the colours in this and was interest in the use of marmalade. We eat lots over here but never thought of using it in a rice dish.

  • the constant hunger

    I think your rice looks great. I do have a tip for you. When you’re steaming the rice, wrap the lid with a dish towel. I will absorb a lot of the moisture that causes sticky rice and you now Persian rice can’t be sticky. Good luck.

  • Diethood

    I love Persian food so no doubt that I would like this, too! I will have to give this a try asap!

  • Adora’s Box

    Exquisite. Fruits, nuts and spices on rice is something I’ve never had before but I’m perfectly sure I will like this.

  • http://www.mission-food.com Victoria

    I’ve never made rice with a crusty bottom, and like you I don’t do a lot of rice-making (my mommy does that, besides I usually prefer potatoes, haha), but this looks awesome! We sometimes put raisins on ours, but we’ve never gone with this many fruits and nuts! Looks special for sure :)

  • http://anecdotesandapples.weebly.com Monet

    This sounds so good…I love the thought of adding dried fruits and nuts…I’ve never tried anything like this. I’m also not talented when it comes to making rice. My rice is either burned or not cooked all the way through. Very frustrating! Thank you so much for sharing with me today. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  • http://www.cooksbookblog.com Marisa

    Look at all those “jewels”! This is certainly not a boring rice dish at all–there is so much going on. I love how sweet dried fruits taste in rice. Looks great, Adelina! :-)

  • Anna’s Table

    Well worth the dent in your pocket, the rice dish looks superb. I know what you mean about the cost of nuts and fruits. Much like you, I can’t resist going overboard when I shop for my fruitcake ingredients. .

  • http://twitter.com/gvisda Visda Goudarzi
  • Amy Bakes Everything

    Love the idea of the dried fruits and nuts, so festive!

  • Turkey’s For Life

    This looks amazing. Dried fruit and nuts are not too expensive here so we should be able to stretch the budget a bit. love the idea of the rice going crispy on the bottom but not sure I’m brave enough to attempt it. Gonna try it over Christmas as it looks really seasonal and festive. :)

  • http://themomchef.blogspot.com The Mom Chef

    I love your rice dish. It’s gorgeous.

    As far as rice goes, I’ve been making the pilaf my mom taught me for 20 years and it’s no-fuss. Start with a tablespoon of butter melted in the sauce pan. Add thin noodles (I used birds nest noodles crushed up) and saute until browned. If you don’t want them in the dish, skip that step and start here for plain rice. Add 1 cup of rice to the saucepan and stir it around so it’s covered with the butter and the noodles are mixed in. Add 2 cups of chicken broth (or water is fine) and 1 teaspoon salt. Stir and bring to a boil. Then reduce to a simmer until all the water is absorbed (about 15-20 minutes). That’s it. Comes out perfectly every time.

  • http://torviewtoronto.blogspot.com Torviewtoronto

    looks fabulous
    check out the event and contest giveaways in my site
    happy holidays

  • http://www.orangeblossomwater.net Dimah

    Great recipe, looks so perfect and yummy!

  • http://bakingbarrister.com Bakingbarrister

    I’ve been waiting for this recipe. Looks really great. I really enjoy the crusty bottom on these kinds of rices but am too afraid to even try. Too many experiences with burned pots make the rice cooker my go-to–scrubbing is NOT in my future. :D

  • Becky

    Your rice dish looks so delicious. I love the addition of the jewels. I would have never thought to add dried fruit to rice, an interesting touch.

  • http://realisticwedding.wordpress.com/ The Realistic Nutritionist

    This looks amazing! I’ve been trying to make different types of dishes lately and this would be perfect. I love Persian flavors and the dried fruit is a great addition!

  • http://www.mytastyhandbook.com Adelina Badalyan

    Thanks for the tip… That sounds real hopeful!!!

  • http://www.mytastyhandbook.com Adelina Badalyan

    I just ended up buying all the dried fruits and nuts bulk… that’s also why things got costly. Thanks for your comment!

  • http://www.mytastyhandbook.com Adelina Badalyan

    Thanks for the recipe! My mom makes something similar and I do love the vermicelli in the rice. I am just not good with the water to rice ratio… for some reason it’s not as perfect. I will try your directions.

  • http://www.blackbookkitchendiaries.wordpress.com Blackbookkitchendiaries

    this is making me very hungry:) this dish looks awesome! lovely flavors as always:) thank you for sharing this. have a nice day.

  • Trish

    This beautiful jeweled rice dish looks amazing. I love all the wonderful ingredients in it. The flavor must be perfect. Such a nice way to jazz up a rice dish.

  • http://www.tasteofbeirut.com tasteofbeirut

    By the way, I also have the same Persian cookbook; I am excited to try your rice, as I have never made mine quite so festive. It sounds incredible, love Persian rice and cuisine. For the tah dig, I found that getting a nonstick pan helped immensely and also right before flipping the rice, I set the dish on a towel filled with ice cubes for about 5 minutes to help dislodge the rice more easily.

  • thoma

    lovely looking rice. decked up and perfect for a festivity!

  • rawgirlinmumbai.blogspot.com

    This looks amazing. I love the fragrance of saffron. Will have a go at this sometime!



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