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My 1st Post/Attempt to be creative – s-Thai-lyzed Mango Tuna Salad with Spicy Peanuts and Onion Rings on a Crispy Egg Roll

Adelina's Thai Tuna SaladThere was a peanut recipe contest on the Food Network Magazine.  Although I did not enter in the contest, I thought it would be fun to think of a recipe that will have that crunchy, peanut-y taste. I started asking myself the following questions:

Q: What type of food do I enjoy peanuts with?

A: The few categories that came in mind were: Dessert, Pasta, and Salad.  Then I decided to narrow down my categories.

Why Dessert? – Do I even need to answer this question.  It’s just Good, especially with chocolate – yum! But too common.

Why Pasta? – I usually like peanuts with Asian style spices, but did not think it’s original enough.

Why Salads? – I thought this might work if I take a traditional salad I love having and combine with my own take.  That’s how I thought of this Tuna Salad.

The recipe below ended up being a little too cumbersome, since after all I was thinking of  being creative and doing things from scratch.  But you can simplify by using wonton or tortilla chips, eliminating the fried onions and using already roasted peanuts.  I do think it would have helped my presentation if I made the egg roll into a shell.

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  • http://coloredgrains.wordpress.com/ Kausambi

    Pretty extensive! 🙂 Lovely post…

  • http://www.mytastyhandbook.com Adelina Badalyan

    Thank you so much! I think it can be simpler if you leave out the fried onions and fried eggroll. I just had more time on my hands.



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