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Herb Garlic Bread, Eggs, and Buttery Potatoes


Okay… this is the last of the Parsley Garlic Butter Sauce from my Turkey dinner post. I  have been able to use it for a yummy pasta dish and now some great tasting garlic bread.  Our family can’t have enough of carbs and we all love some good garlic bread.  The buttery herb sauce was the perfect topping for some comforting garlic bread.  I boiled some eggs and made some pan fried potatoes and yogurt dip and we had  a quick meal in no time.  The hardest part was removing the shells from the eggs and peeling the potatoes.


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  • Julia @ DimpleArts

    Simple and delicious. From a carb lover:)

  • Suchitra Vaidyaram

    Love the platter! ah, such a comfort food…Yum :)

  • Ravienomnoms

    That looks really amazing, love the food on that plate! :-)

  • Info

    That plate looks simply mouthwatering!

  • http://happywhennothungry.wordpress.com/ Happy When Not Hungry

    This plate looks so delicious! Yum!

  • Anna

    Don’t you just love that? Be able to use it in so many different ways. Your plate looks delicious. I loooooove garlic bread.

  • http://www.cooksbookblog.com Marisa

    So easy and so good. A meal made of bread and potatoes–does it really get any better than that? I’m really drawn to the yogurt sauce. Sounds great!

  • Frombuenosairestoparis

    Can I confess sth? I’m a garlic girl..whatever has garlic (a lot!!) is heaven-like for me!

  • http://www.takingonmagazines.com Themomchef

    What a wonderful and satisfying meal you’ve created. I love all the ways you were able to use the parsley garlic butter! Very, very cool.

  • http://bethmichelle.com Beth Michelle

    Oooo I love garlic bread. I have fresh garlic sitting in my kitchen, may have to try this!



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