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Happily Married Broccoli & Cauliflower Lime Cream Soup

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Broccoli & Cauliflower SoupIf you are looking for a healthy, creamy, limey, garlicky soup, this is such a simple and flavorful soup.

It was 9pm. I had just put my 2 girls in bed. I was tired and out of energy to start preparing food for the following night.  But I knew I had to save my veggies in the fridge before they start spoiling, specially the cauliflower and broccoli.

I wanted to marry the broccoli and cauliflower together into a dish — but it was too late and was struggling to find a recipe that was light and refreshing with not much effort.  So then I thought, if I were to create my own dish, what flavors would it have.  Then all of a sudden my energy level rose and lights started flashing in my head and voila – I was actually making something without following directions.  It felt liberating and scary at the same time.

Note:  You can also add flour, potatoes, rice, or pasta to thicken the soup.


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  • Food Lover

    mmm sounds really yummy :)

  • http://www.cooks-book.blogspot.com/ Marisa

    Very nice recipe! Great way to utilize those veggies! And I love the addition of lime. That must really brighten up the soup.

  • http://www.mytastyhandbook.com Adelina Badalyan

    Thank you! I am glad I can make it sound yummy.

  • http://www.mytastyhandbook.com Adelina Badalyan

    Thanks Marisa! I do love using lime in food, especially with garlic. I feel like they make a great combo.

  • Marilyn

    this looks SO delicious, I’m definitely going to try it. I love lemon/lime juice!! (as it says on my profile!)



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