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Bon Appetit Magazine’s RSVP Section: Fig-Almond Tart


In addition to my food blog and cookbook dose, I also love subscribing to cooking magazines.  I have always looked forward to my issue of Bon Appetit magazine.  My favorite section is  their R.S.V.P section, where readers request their favorite restaurant recipes and Bon Appetit requests the recipe on their behalf  and publishes the recipe in this section.Fig_Almond_Tart_1

For the recent July issue, there was a recipe for a Fig-Almond Tart from Marinus at Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley, California.  I hardly bake and can’t say I am much of a baker, but I was really drawn to trying the Frangipane filling with the figs.  I tried baking the tart by exact instructions, however my crust was too doughy and I had to add more flour than what was called for in the recipe.  I am not sure if it’s due to my lack of experience playing with dough, or because the crust needed more flour.  I have a feeling it’s due to my lack of baking.  Anyways, don’t want to bore you too much, adding  flour was still okay for the crust and was able to still get a great tasting tart.  I loved having frangipane with figs, but I think I would have loved it even more if there was some hint of fig in the filling as it did on the exterior.


Here is the recipe from Bon Appetit.  I did not alter anything.  I have taken it directly from July 2011 issue.   Hope you enjoy.  Please let me know if  you know the trick of making the crust.  This was a complex recipe and required lot of patience and time in between steps, but if you’re going to be home most of the day then it’s worth making a tart.

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  • http://cosmopolitancurrymania.blogspot.com Purabi Naha

    This looks so appealing and highly nutritious! Loved your perfection and selection of this recipe! Buzzed the post.

  • http://twitter.com/one_apron Jenelle Seaton

    Holy smokes that looks amazing! Figs keep popping up in my magazines and I drool over them all. I love your tart and can’t wait to try it out! Thanks!

  • eliotseats

    Beautiful tart.  I love the RSVP section as well, but I have never attempted to make anything from it.  You have inspired me!

  • http://www.mission-food.com Victoria

    My mom loves figs even more than I do! You did a great job on this tart even with your baking inexperience. I’m sure it was delicious!

  • Tes

    When it comes to cooking fig, I’ve always been so nervous. This recipe is really inspiring, I feel like I need to try it 🙂

  • http://dinnersdishesanddesserts.blogspot.com/ Erin

    Love that section of the magazine too!  Your tart looks gorgeous!

  • tasteofbeirut

    This is a pie crust recipe I have used many times; I read it first in Vogue, on Jeffrey Steingarten column, when he went to report on pie crusts across the city and talked about the bakery of Maury Rubin, (forgot the name of his bakery); in any case, I tried it and liked it a lot. This pie looks splendid with the frangipane; unfortunately, here I have not found great figs. I will have to wait till I am in Lebanon i think!

  • http://cravingsofalunatic.blogspot.com/ KimBee

    Wow this is beautiful. I have figs in my fridge but I have no idea what to do with them.

  • http://mywanderingspoon.wordpress.com/ Irena

    Beautiful recipe….you did great:)

  • Michelle O

    BEAUTIFUL tart! I love the color that still came out in the figs. I bet you are so proud of this one.

  • http://anecdotesandapples.weebly.com Monetm1218

    I love my magazines too…and I saw this lovely tart earlier this month. I’m so glad you made it! It looks beautiful!

  • http://www.sunshineandsmile.com Kankana

    Fresh figs taste so good, and this tart looks gorgeous.. baked to perfection! 

  • http://www.shabbottshabits.com Britne @ Shabbott’s Habits

    Oh yum!  I just love figs, although I’ve never actually baked with them.  This looks like a fantastic reason to start!

  • http://twitter.com/fromBAtoParis Cristina L.

    Oh là là !!! This is A-ma-zing !!! the flavors that I like…
    Beautiful, Adelina!

  • http://twitter.com/RosasYummyYums Rosa May

    What a gorgeous tart! That combination is awesome. Divine.



  • Suburban Homestead

    I just made this tart and had the same experience with the dough. My solution was to just flour the heck out of the surfaces. But the end result is a crust that tastes like shortbread! Mine was completely done cooking in 40 minutes – not the 1.25 hours mentioned in the recipe. But it was an incredible dessert!

  • Suburban Homestead

    I noticed you have several errors in your recipe directions. In each paragraph of instructions for the filling I noticed important details missing: ie: “gradually add in almond mixture” is missing from first paragraph as well as where to add the vanilla. Also, mentioning placing it on a rimmed baking sheet isn’t in there, etc. Hope this helps! 🙂



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