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Baked Costa Rican Style Tilapia with Pineapples, Black Beans and Rice

Costa Rican Tilapia with Pineapple RiceYou might be wondering what does a Costa Rican Tilapia taste like… I was too, when I saw this recipe posted on Food Network’s site by Ingrid Hoffmann. (host of the Food Network show, Simply Delicioso)

Every 3 months, my hairdresser cousin comes over on a weeknight, when my kids are already asleep to get my hair done.  Since it’s summer and the kids don’t have school, I told her  to come with her family so we can have dinner and  her girls can play with my girls.

I thought I would make this dish for them since it had the carbs and the protein packed into one dish.  I also thought it would be great for me to prepare the night before so that way when I come home from work, all I need to do is just combine some of my ingredients and pop it in the oven.

It worked out perfect. The dish came together nice and felt very Costa Rican.  The flavors were very summery and tropical and our guests loved it!  On the following day, they also made great  burritos with the leftovers.

Please note that I did modify the original recipe to my own taste preferences, and made up my own tomato bean salsa.  Hope you enjoy!

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  • http://www.bakingbarrister.com Baking Barrister

    Fish just tastes better with fruit, doesn't it?

  • Elin

    Great dish and thanks for sharing…hungry just looking at yoru Baked Costa Rican Style Tilapia with Pineapple !

  • chefdennis

    that tilapia sounds so flavorful, what a great complete meal…..all those wonderful ingredients coming together for one perfect dish!

  • http://www.creativelydomestic.com Creatively Domestic

    Awesome recipe! We cook Tilapia all the time and mainly we use it for Fish Tacos, but this will definitely be something that gets discussed the next time we cook fish.

    Creatively Domestic – Simple Cooking

  • Stksylva12

    This dish is very tasty, I make it once in a while, and everybody likes it. I don't add pineapple, since I am not fond of tilapia I use cat fish, or snapper instead, and it's always a hit. I like the idea of margarita mix in the fish, I will add it next time, Adelina, It seems you and I like the same cooking shows, Giada is my favorite, take care——– SYLVIA

  • Baking Serendipity

    This looks awesome! I love tilapia, and am always looking for new, outside the box recipes that use it. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://torviewtoronto.blogspot.com Torviewtoronto

    looks delicious

  • http://gigabiting.com/ Janice

    Dinner party this weekend- i wanted summery but still interesting and somewhat substantial. We might have a winner here.

  • http://bakerwanabe.com Anna

    What a perfect dish, I love recipes that is lots of yummy things in one dish. Great flavors.

  • http://livwanchinesecookingclass.com Liv Wan

    Love your recipe. It looks really tasty!

  • http://twitter.com/ChezWhat Christo

    now that is one killer dish – I would love to have a pot luck with you!

  • Marisa Musto

    I love pineapple with fish. I also really like the idea of using the leftovers in burritos. Must have been so good!

  • http://mydanishkitchen.com/ Gitte

    Anything that can be made ahead of time, I'm inn. Your dish sounds wonderful.The bean and tomato salsa espically got my attention.

  • Nicole @ The Dirty Oven

    What??? So lovely. I love the idea of using pinapple with tilapia… usually it in Santa Cruz it is with peppers or just a fried whole. Love it!

  • http://www.mytastyhandbook.com Adelina Badalyan

    Thanks so much! Anytime!

  • http://www.mytastyhandbook.com Adelina Badalyan

    How neat that you've tried this before. I was debating on the pineapples… so I decided to cook half and leave the other half raw to use it like a topping. Fruity dishes are not for everyone. For me, it depends on what mood I am in. And yes, Sylvia probably we do share the same interests for cooking shows. I love Giada as well and was happy to go to her book signing last year. She was more beautiful in person.

  • http://www.mytastyhandbook.com Adelina Badalyan

    Thanks Marisa! I really did enjoy the burritos the next day. All I had to do is wrap the filling in a tortilla.

  • Claudia

    I love it with the salsa. We are a huge tilapia family and I am very fond of pineapple – so this is too much fun to have it all combined.

  • Kocinera

    This looks great! I love all the citrus juices and the pineapple!

  • http://twitter.com/SpiceSherpa SpiceSherpa

    Cooked pineapple is so delicious. I love the idea of margarita mix and cayenne with the tilapia. I’d never think of it but when I read it, it’s like…of course!! Delicious. Great blog!

  • Anonymous

    This dish looks so delicious. I always wanted to try costa rican food! I will be making this dish sometime this week!

  • http://www.pineapplefacts.info/pineapple-recipes/ pineapple lover

    Looks delicious but high calorie. too bad I’m on a diet -.-
    Will treat myself with this when I stop dieting



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