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Aarti Paarti

Aarti’s Lamb Kofte/Kofto Kebabs with Pomegranate Glaze and Cucumber Yogurt Sauce (Tzaziki)


I have been wanting to make this recipe since last year’s season of Food Network Star aired.  In this episode, Aarti’s challenge was to prepare a dish for a culinary legend to  re-invent a dish of the best thing he ever ate.  Unfortunately, I do not recall the name of the culinary legend.  All I remember were the raves for how great the kebabs were.  She prepared them with a side of Bengali spiced potatoes.  I only had time to roast the potatoes, but one of these days I will be preparing the potatoes per Aarti’s recipe.

As far as the lamb, we loved it even though I used my oven instead of griddle.  I raised the oven temp to 500 degrees, then put them under the broiler to get the grilling effect.  The addition of pomegranate molasses really brought out the flavors of the lamb and will be using this ingredient more often.  To serve, make sure they are hot and bundled in pita pockets or lavash.  Don’t forget to add a tablespoon of minty cucumber yogurt dip on top of your kebabs to taste the cool and hot flavors at the same time.


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  • tasteofbeirut

    These kaftas look fantastic! I should make some; next time, I will add the pomegranate molasses which I never do to kaftas, bet it makes them taste so special.

  • Stephsbitebybite

    What What an interesting dish! I think I’ve got to try this out just to experience the new flavor profile 🙂

  • http://www.fromcupcakestocaviar.com Janet @FCTC

    These sound wonderful. I remember when she made that though I had forgotten until you reminded me. I really need to make these! Buzzed 🙂

  • http://livlifetoo.blogspot.com Kim – Liv Life

    I had lamb for the first time in about 25 years just a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it!  The Pomegranate Molasses here sounds like it would complement it perfectly.  Nicely done!

  • http://www.orgasmicchef.com Maureen

    This sounds fantastic !  I love kofte !  I’ve never tried pomegranate molasses but it sounds delicious!

  • Tsgcookin

    These sound wonderful.  My husband loves lamb and anything Greek.  He makes Costco runs just for tzaziki.  He’d worship at my feet if I made these for him.  Thanks for being brave enough to make these…it gives me courage to make them.

  • http://anecdotesandapples.weebly.com Monetm1218

    This looks and sounds too good…and I love the thought of that cool yogurt sauce too.  Thank you for sharing with me, my friend! I hope you are having a relaxing Sunday. As always…this looks delicious (and I’m sure it tastes even better)! 

  • http://www.mistress-of-spices.com The Mistress of Spices

    I love this recipe and I totally remember that episode! I adore pomegranate molasses…it’s such a versatile and special ingredient with so much interesting potential!

  • http://www.sunshineandsmile.com Kankana

    uuu that is making me droool here ! Aarti has some real amazing recipes. 



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