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20 Minute Dinner: Tarragon Salmon with Israeli Couscous



I sometimes feel drained from work that I am toooo tired to think of what we are having for dinner.  However, sometimes when I feel rushed is when I start making up a recipe as I go.  Here is quick dinner idea that turned out well.  I used frozen Alaskan salmon that can be defrosted in water fairly quickly, but you can apply the same idea with any other fish, or seafood.

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  • http://www.monocat.com monocat

    That was one good salmon dish on couscous. 

  • http://twitter.com/one_apron Jenelle Seaton

    I feel the same way sometimes. And strangely enough the tastiest, most comforting dishes come when I feel too tired to cook. Thanks for the idea, I love salmon! 

  • http://christinespantry.blogspot.com Christine

    Love salmon. Great recipe!

  • http://www.crashinggates.blogspot.com Jose

    wow, that really looks good, and the orange blossom water seems like an incredible idea.

  • http://dinnersdishesanddesserts.blogspot.com/ Erin

    Great quick dinner recipe!

  • sara826

    That looks really yummy!

  • http://www.eat-yourself-skinny.com Kelly

    This dish looks incredible!!  Love the colors and your pictures! 🙂

  • http://www.mission-food.com Victoria

    This is such a great idea! I love the flavor and texture of Israeli couscous, and the salmon basically steaming over the top is a wonderful way to minimize pans for cooking! Glad you were able to come up with this easy weeknight meal 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/RosasYummyYums Rosa May

    That dish looks delicious! A mouthwatering combination.



  • http://www.sunshineandsmile.com Kankana

    Can I make that with instant couscous. Loving the look of the dish 🙂

  • Adelina Badalyan

    I think instant couscous will work just as great. It will take no time to cook the coucous since all you need is some boiling water and few minutes.



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